Thanks Giving Testimony

Suzie M
1.For financial assistance last 6 mths & to date 2.Good health & protection to date 3. Providence & favors received

Balu dilip a
Thanks giving for our lady of good health

Praveen Charles
Thanks Giving to Mother Mary of Good Health.

Philips and maria
Thanksgiving for all the good health and loving care of mother Mary

Praise to God and Mother Mary for , blessing us with the baby this year.. Amen

Vinitha Dennis
Thanksgiving for the keeping our family safe during this pandemic and for the graces & blessings recieved. Lord continue to bless & protect us.

Malita Agera
For Mark pintos safe travel

Dev Albert
Thanks giving

Minju Ajin
Pregnancy 2 months

Thanksgiving mass by Joywin

Lorraine White
For the gift of a child

Ryan John
Thanks Giving mass on the Birthday of Ryan John

Thank you Mama Mary for all the good things we have received thought you from heavenly father and jesus christ thank you....

Mother mary saved us from corona 1000s of thanks to mother mary

Christopher Raj S
Thank you for blessing us with a beautiful son Christopher. Thank you for all the blessings that you have showered on us. Thank you for the job that you have given us

Lawrence Nirmala and Daphney
Million thanks to our beloved Mother Mary for the blessings and her Lawrence Nirmala and Daphney

Rena Sharon R
Many Many thanks to Mother Mary for the hike in salary and promotion received
For the protection that we enjoy at this moment of covid. The blessing we have received throughout the year.

Stephen and familY
Thanks for Blessing with a New job and good health

Lepakshi Raju
For all the blessings received

Joshua Roy Augustine
Thank you for bringing me to this world and giving me good health....

For family health recovery and blessing me a girl baby

George Royan
Thanksgiving!! to Our Lady of Good Health for the blessings From Peter Royan & Family. Ave Maria

Ashok Chakravarty
For giving the family ,, good health recovery and blessing my family with a girl baby.

Mother Mary thank you very much for your healing touch which cured my fractured hand for a long time which was instantly healed when I came to your altar and prayed Hail Mary Ave Maria

For me & my dad its 10th day of home quarntine. we kept praying to Jesus and our Mother for our good health. today we can see the changes, im active and my Dad's health is very fine. Thanks to Jesus

Mama Mary thank you for all your prayers and for always being by my side.

Jacintha L
O mother my hearty thanks to u for listening and answering my prayers .iam blessed with a baby girl. Let there be peace during her baptism.let there be peace between two families. Bless us mother. P

Janani Raghuraman
Thanks for the exam result and college admission. Prayers for good health and peace at home

Ms Anitha. C
Thank you for all the blessings received

Lynette Gawde
Thankyou Mama for all the blessings that me and my family have received through your intersession. I love you and ask you to please continue to guiding me.

Ashwini Clara
Thanksgiving to Mama Mary for interceding for Us and Blessing our with Baby Boy JOSHUA

F x Aseervadam
Good health for all during the pandemic

Paul Celestine
Thanks Giving for all the wonderful things our beloved mother has done for my family

Faustina Priyanka
Thanks to mother mary and lord Jesus for blessing me with a good job and I have completed one year with their blessings

Joshua Andrew
Thanksgiving for this beautiful life on my birthday on September 5Th.

Thank you loving for all the favours recd specially for good health.

End 2 End Cargo movers
Thanks giving to mother mary for during this pandamic keeping my family & office safe

Raghunath & family
Good Health & prosperity to the family

Mrs. sharuleen
Thanksgiving for all the blessings

Mother Mary thanks you for all the prayers... Please Continue to Pray for me.

Thanks for Blessing of our family and Children with Good health


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Feast day : 8th of September 2020

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